Goal-Directed Orthodontics
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We are grateful for the many distinguished orthodontists that contributed to our textbook. Their dedication and expertise ensured the successful completion of this book.

Dr. R. Andrew Girardot, Jr.

Chapter Authors
Dr. Carolina Alarcon
Dr. G. William Arnett
Dr. Jorge Ayala
Dr. Renato Cocconi
Dr. Frank E. Cordray
Dr. Stanley D. Crawford
Dr. Robert Frantz
Dr. Theodore D. Freeland
Dr. R. Andrew Girardot, Jr.
Dr. Michael J. Gunson
Dr. Gonzalo Gutierrez
Dr. Samuel B. King
Dr. Donald W. Linck
Dr. Domingo Martin
Dr. Jeffrey L. McClendon
Dr. Behjat K. Moghadam
Dr. John Oubre
Dr. Straty Righellis
Dr. Stephen Schendel
Dr. Antonino G. Secchi
Dr. Ryan K. Tamburrino
Dr. Robert E. Williams
Dr. Carol Weinstein
Dr. Joseph Yousefian