Goal-Directed Orthodontics
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SECTION ONE: Philosophy, Diagnosis and Planning

Chapter I 
Ideal Form And Function For The Gnathic System
Chapter II 
Goal-Directed Orthodontics and Patient A.C.
Chapter III 
Goal-Based Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
Chapter IV 
Case Report - Limitations Of Hand-Articulated Casts
Chapter V  
Case Presentations Using Goal-Directed Orthodontic Philosophy
Chapter VI  
A Comparison of the Three-Dimensional Analysis Of Models Articulated in the Seated Condylar Position From a Deprogrammed Asymptomatic Population to That Of a Deprogrammed Symptomatic Population: A Prospective Study
Chapter VII  
Visual Treatment Objective: A Diagnostic Treatment Planning Tool For Orthodontists
Chapter VIII  
Occlusal Appliances And Splint Therapy
Chapter IX  
Axiopath Tracings And True Hinge Location
Chapter X  
Case Report
Chapter XI  
Three-Dimensional Facial Analysis And Seven-Step Cephalometric Treatment Planning
Chapter XII:  
The Periodontal Goal In Orthodontics

SECTION TWO: Treatment

Chapter XIII  
Treatment in the Mixed Dentition
Chapter XIV  
Treatment Mechanics
Chapter XV  
Class II Treatment With Extractions Of Maxillary Bicuspids
Chapter XVI  
Extractions For Function And Aesthetics
Chapter XVII  
The Goal-Directed Approach To Diagnosis And Treatment And Its Effect On Treatment Excellence And Efficiency
Chapter XVIII  
Commentary: The Relationship Between Condylar Position And Signs And Symptoms Of Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMD)
Chapter XIX  
Treating To The Seated Condylar Position
Chapter XX  
Stability of Occlusal Correction And Condylar Position

SECTION THREE: Interdisciplinary and Advanced Treatment

Chapter XXI  
Bioesthetic Orthodontics
Chapter XXII  
Occlusal Equilibration (Positive/Negative Coronoplasty) And Selective Tooth Grinding
Chapter XXIII  
Case Report: Treatment By Equilibration Only
Chapter XXIV  
Distraction Osteogenesis And Functional Occlusion
Chapter XXV  
The Role Of Contemporary Orthodontics In The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Sleep-Disordered Breathing
Chapter XXVI  
The Relationship Between Occlusion And Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMD)